Press Corps Committee :El Universal Position Paper 

Press Corps Committee Best Position Paper  Boston Invitational Model United Nations Conference 2017   Topic 1: Journalists as activists El Universal Following the U.S.A’s widely discussed elections of 2017 and the growing hostilities between the Trump administration and the American press, the very essence of journalism has been laid on the international table for debate. … More Press Corps Committee :El Universal Position Paper 

The year was 2081…

The year was 2081, and the world was fast asleep. All across the blood-strewn trenches and muddy campsites, the serenity of rhythmic breathing and the whistling of the wind through the crevices of the barrack windows molded together into an eerily familiar but ghastly symphony. Inside barrack number 27, John Frosting’s eyes spun from side … More The year was 2081…

The Scopes Trials: Causes and Effects

The Howell Van Gerbil Jr. Prize Date: May 2018 Issuer: Brooks School Given for the best essay on the development of political institutions, for her paper titled “The Scopes Trials: Causes and Effects”   The Scopes Trials: Causes and Effects As hordes of spectators and reporters descended upon the “Trial of the Century” between fundamentalist hero … More The Scopes Trials: Causes and Effects

Exclusive interview with Ethel Wells: A Walk Down Memory Lane

NOTICE: Ethel Wells is a character from The Underground Railroad. This interview examines her internal thoughts, childhood, and experiences throughout the book. I highly recommend The Underground Railroad. *** Ethel and I were sitting in a spacious room with blank walls. Q: Good morning, Ethel., It’s great to have you with us today. How are … More Exclusive interview with Ethel Wells: A Walk Down Memory Lane


Pop went the spitball, catapulting through the sticky classroom air in a perfect arc before burying itself into Ms. Crawford’s frizzy hair. She whirled around, bolts of anger flashing in her eyes as the classroom filled with raucous laughter. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He wasn’t laughing with his classmates, … More Shell