Blurry Dreams

He spoke in a thick russian accent, rolling his “r”s and squashing his “O”s like bugs on a windshield wiper, so that “loops” became “lupes”, the “flips” became “fleeps”, and “arabesque” became a mass of tongue rolling and lost syllables. He used to stand there, a leg jutted out, a look of disgust on his … More Blurry Dreams

Three tattoos

Double Hearts The wind chimes on the door jingled festively as a couple walked in hand in hand. The women, teetering in her tall heels, led the man directly to the pile of tattoo idea pictures the parlor set up in the waiting area. “We should get each other’s names above our hearts so like, … More Three tattoos


He glanced at the dashboard. Damn. It’s 8:40 already. His wife must be worrying about him at their tiny flat. As if the heavens read his thought, the phone on the seat beside him started buzzing. Taking his eyes off the empty, dimly lit highway, he grabbed his old Nokia and flipped it open. “Honey, sorry … More Troubles


Do you still remember? We used to always go buy sandwiches and chips at the corner store since the cafeteria lunch was impossible to eat without throwing up all over the cold gray pavement. I don’t know if you started that habit back then, only that the first time you told me about it you … More LETTER TO INNOCENCE