Work Experience at SMG(Shanghai Media Group)

Day 1:

It is a large building, one with tinted, reflective windows and huge block letters that spelled SMG. I got there a bit early. My parents always say that you should always be earlier than the person you need a favor from. In this case, I was waiting for a SMG 

Unknown.jpegemployee I contacted to help me schedule my work experience. I waited in the glass box outside of SMG’s gates to the mellow voice of Stevie Nicks and the steady beat of Fleetwood Mac. When the lady finally arrived, she took me to register myself as a temporary visitor and apply for a shiny blue access card. After making me swear that I would never misplace or give anyone else the card, she took me to her office, a sprawling space filled with desktop computers and the mechanical clicks of keyboards. I was introduced to a group of women who worked on editing small videos about breaking news. One of them showed me the techniques she used through editing a one minute video about a deadly fire in the Philippines. She told me that she always ended her videos with a question, as to encourage the audience to think about the information and how it relates to their daily lives. The rest of the day passed relatively quickly. I helped the video editors translate and find information to use in their videos and in turn, gained valuable knowledge on video editing and that day’s breaking news.

Day 2:

Today, I shadowed a woman who worked in the recording studio. We sat in a spacious room facing a wall of television screens that each played a different thing, Behind us, through the glass windows, a panel of important looking politicians sat comfortably in imagesround white sofas. I watched attentively as the technician in front of me spoke into a microphone to the male and female hosts of the news show. After everyone on screen went through a test shot and a voice testing, the recording began. The television hosts introduced the issues at hand- Trump’s achievements and failures in 2017. Each of the four politicians gave off an air of confidence and intelligence when he spoke. They each had different opinions on Trump’s presidency. One called his economics plan very strategic. He mused that the retreatment of the U.S. from the Paris climate was a good decision since it eliminated international distractions and the government could focus on domestic issues. Personally, i don’t think there’s a single thing he said that i agreed with, but it was interesting to hear the opinions of people outside of the United States on the current presidency. WechatIMG25

Day 3, 4, 5:

For the next three days, I worked with the Daily Eastern broadcasting show. I shadowed a woman who worked as a scripter and video editor of the news program. Every day, I worked on the same assignments she was assigned by the main editor. Here are some of the topics that I worked with: Extreme cold weather in the U.S., Russia, and Japan, An explosion in a Russian supermarket, BBC interview of Barack Obama by Prince Harry, Pollution of Bali Island, Indonesia. Each of these articles required extensive research through dependable sources, the organization of information, and concise, clear writing. I worked on the same writing platform as all of the other writers on the news team. After every draft, the scripter I shadowed would read over my script and give me helpful suggestions. I’ve learned that because they are read aloud by voice actors, news scripts are generally shorter than actual articles and have more concise sentences with easy structures.

Overall, interning at SMG  has been an invaluable experience for me. I got to experience many different jobs within the field of journalism. I will be posting some of the journalism work I’ve done on this blog so stay tuned!

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