Let’s be The Bold Type

In the world of TV dramas where characters spin complicated secrets that most likely result in backstabbing fights, The Bold Type is a refreshing respite. Detailing the lives of three friends who all work in a magazine company and the struggles they face in American society , this freeform show successfully captures the essence of what it means to be a 21st century woman. DEpTvk0WAAQjN3v

This show follows Jane Sloan, the ambitious political journalist, Kat Edison, an activist social media director, and Sutton Brady, the assistant who follows her dreams. In each episode, these bold women encounter challenging and sometimes even controversial issues in society today such as sexuality awakenings, breast cancer awareness, rape survivor support, feminism, and so on. By presenting these issues that are not discussed enough in the real world along with a compelling narrative and pleasing visuals, viewers like myself learn along with the main characters as they correct their mistakes and discover parts of themselves.

Kat Edison, Sutton Brady, Jane Sloan

Even Rotten Tomatoes agrees with my judgements. (My judgments are sometimes flawed/ influenced by my love of the MCU. I have loved every single awful production of The Fantastic Four.) From the very first episode, The Bold Type has continuously received 100% by the Rotten Tomatoes experts.

One critic reviewed, “Despite this shiny veneer. The Bold Type channels its inner teen vogue by weaving in weighty stories about self-expression, politics, equality, sexuality, religion and freedom. ”

Another stated, “The Bold Type is like Sex in the City meets The Devil wears Prada, but in the best way possible.”

Nonetheless, some critics have some doubts about the flowery facade surrounding the show’s themes. They criticize the happy endings most episodes have and a critic even called it “teen fluff”. However, I think that the positive endings are exactly what the TV show world needs right now. They show that being kind, honest, compassionate, and most importantly, bold is the way to a meaningful lifestyle and healthy relationships. And quite frankly, there are enough shows that are fueled by unnecessary murders and excessive secrets.  

The last episode of the series, which aired last Wednesday, ended on a hopeful note that served as a meaningful conclusion for the season and emboldened questions of the future. I look forward to seeing these bold women strut their stuff and conquer the world in the second season. But until then, let’s just rewatch the first season.

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