The Chemist: Please don’t let anyone glitter in the sun

I can still remember that day I decided to give the heartache inducing and sometimes friendship splitting vampire romance series a try. It was fifth grade and I was dead set on never reading a gooey romance book. After all, boys are gross and all they do is run around while flicking gross stuff at each other. But with much persuasion from my mom and an extremely long stretch of boredom on my part, I downloaded the audiobook. Five pages in, I was hooked. The startlingly reticent but hot glittery vampire somehow made his way into my heart and tattooed himself permanently on my heart(in glitter). All thanks to the brilliant writer Stephenie Meyers.

Now, six years later, I am blatantly aware of how much creepy staring Edward Cullen does, but nonetheless ecstatic to hear that Stephenie Meyers had published another book. Upon purchasing it at Barnes & Nobles, I started reading the relatively fast paced 500 page thriller any chance I had. When I finWechatIMG17ally finished the brick like mass of plot, character, and ideas, I was pretty impressed.

The Chemist is the nickname of Juliana Fortis, a former talent of one of the most secretive branches of the U.S. government. She has been on the run ever since the first time they tried to kill her. When her former handler came to her for one last job in exchange for her freedom, she finds herself tangled in a web of lies and murder, as well as falling for the very man who was her target. She has to use her unique set of skills and medical background to get out alive and save the ones she loves.

Criticizers of this book often complain that the plotline moves too slowly. I think that although it gets off on a slow start, it’s a book worth sticking by since Meyers works hard on setting the ominous setting, building characters, and giving readers a detailed description of Juliana’s thought process. The scientific descriptions of Juliana’s expertise in organic chemistry sets this action thriller apart from other books of the same genre and brings it to a new, more interesting level.

The only thing I would change about this book is the sappy love story mixed in the action. The full out romance is average and frankly, really boring. As a book targetted towards young adults, I understand why a bit of romance is necessary to spice up the action. But I expected to read about something less trite and cliche, especially when the main character is such a strong female presence.

Overall, The Chemist was a good summer read. Much like The Host, it would transfer really well onto the big screen, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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