JAWS in concert. Think twice before you head to the beach on Memorial day!

With two ominous repeating notes and a foamy whirl of blood comes a rendition of the classic shark movie JAWS and accompanying music performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the Symphony center.

Directed by Steven Spielberg and featuring Academy Award winning music by composer John Williams, the twisting plotline and jump scares in this 1975 movie continues to capture viewers’ attention and leave them trembling in their seats to this very day.

In JAWS, a giant man-eating great white shark devours beachgoers in the fictional New England resort town Amity Island. To preserve the town’s safety and blithe reputation at the acme of tourist season, police chief Martin Brody sets out on a dangerous mission to rid the oceans of the evil creature. He is joined by stoic shark hunter Quint and marine biologist Matt Hooper.

Although the 25 feet shark rarely made direct appearances in the film, its presence was always hinted at by John William’s minimalistic but skin-tingling music. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra does a phenomenal job in keeping the suspense and tension in the concert hall despite the conductor’s clear indications of the shark’s arrivals.

Composed of a movie screen and a stage below for the orchestra, the venue itself is small and crowded but equipped with excellent acoustics so even audiences in the back rows can enjoy the audial performance to its fullest. However, viewers in the back may have trouble reading the subtitles and seeing some minute details in the film.

Symphony Center stays within walking distance from most public transportation like the train and restaurants to grab dinner before the performance.

The performances will be limited to memorial weekend: June 28th, 29th, and 30th. The concert lasts approximately 155 minutes including intermission. Ranging from $15 to $40 depending on age and seating preferences, tickets are available online, through phone, and the Symphony Center box office.


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