Three tattoos

  1. Double Hearts

The wind chimes on the door jingled festively as a couple walked in hand in hand. The women, teetering in her tall heels, led the man directly to the pile of tattoo idea pictures the parlor set up in the waiting area.

“We should get each other’s names above our hearts so like, you know, so we’d always be on each other’s hearts.” The woman gestured wildly, eyes shining with joy.

“Whatever you want sweetheart.” The man smiled at her lovingly and snaked an arm around her waist.

Putting on my professional features, I walked over.

“Right this way, sir and miss.”


  1. Forgotten Decisions

I thought about calling the cops. No one should be this intoxicated on a Tuesday night.

But think about the money they’ll spend. Businesses like this prey on the reckless young.

Sighing, I went over to the group of drunken college students.

“How may I assist you today?” I smiled a tight-lipped smile.

“Your mother.” Cue drunken laughter. I fought to keep the smile on my face.

“I want a cartoon buttock with BAM! written across on my neck.” A barefoot girl with horribly smudged makeup slurred at me. Beside her, another girl in a rumpled dress giggled and draped an arm around a potted plant.

The leaves of the plant curved under her weight and she fell legs flailing onto the black tiled floor.


  1. A Fresh Beginning

“I’d like a tattoo artist please.” A soft voice brought me out of my midday daze. A very pale and thin girl stared at me with wide-set, round, blue eyes. I noticed her sunken cheekbones when she spoke.

“What would you like, Miss?”

“Could I please have this message on my forearm please.” She said shyly and handed me a small slip of paper. I opened it, curious to what it might say.

On the crumbled notes, written in a childish scrawl, were the words ”Tomorrow is a brand new day.”

A genuine smile spread across my face.

“Of course.”


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