Them Buzzers

This is a creative extension piece in the POV of Darl Bundren from the book As I lay dying by William Faulkner.  *** “Where do them buzzers stay, Darl?” Vardaman pulls at the sleeves of my shirt, “Darl, we stay in the barn with the horses and the cows, but where do they go? Where … More Them Buzzers

El Mariachi

Release date: February 24, 1994  Director: Robert Rodriguez La película El Mariachi es una sátira del racismo en Hollywood Americana, la inversión de héroes en méxico, y el final feliz estereotípica. Yo pienso que es una película excelente y sus temas son muy importantes en nuestra sociedad moderna. El director muestra un hombre blanco para … More El Mariachi

Fahrenheit 451 & V for Vendetta: Warnings?

In the Introduction of Fahrenheit 451, Neil Gaiman states, “This is a book of warning.” Both Fahrenheit 451 (written by Bradbury in 1953) and V for Vendetta (originally a graphic novel by Alan Moore published in 1988) could be interpreted as compelling social commentary applicable today. Compare and contrast how each of these works present … More Fahrenheit 451 & V for Vendetta: Warnings?

Casa Tomada: La Dictadura y La Democracia

Summary: Casa Tomada, a short story written by Julio Cortázar, serves as a metaphor for the way dictatorships take over democracies.  Casa Tomada es sobre dos hermanos de medianas edades quienes viven juntos en su casa ancestral. Una día, seres desconocidos tomaron la casa y los hermanos salieron simplemente sin mucha resistencia. Este cuento está … More Casa Tomada: La Dictadura y La Democracia

Alexander Supertramp: A Character Analysis

Chris McCandless invented the character Alexander Supertramp to embody the primitive freedom that comes with true self-reliance and a symbol of rebelliousness from society. For all of his life, he has witnessed his parents abandon their values in exchange for physical materials in their toxic relationship. Soon to become a law student, Chris was a … More Alexander Supertramp: A Character Analysis


In an act of indecisiveness, I walked. Past the whispering leaves and maroon bricked buildings. Past the vacant back patios and smoky ghosts of barbecue grills. I walked on grass. I walked on gravel. All the way to the back of the campus, snaking through the vibrant colors of the fire trail, footsteps muffled by … More Sanctuary

Spotlight: An Investigation of Silent Crimes and their Reveal

Set in the midst of ruffling papers, frantic phone calls, and rapid scribbling under the flickering fluorescent lights of the Boston Globe office, Spotlight reiterates the integrity and ethics of professional journalism in exposing institutional corruption as well as comments on the cycle of compliance and denial that perpetuates unspoken crime. Although the reinvestigation of … More Spotlight: An Investigation of Silent Crimes and their Reveal